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How It Works

Overview – Grow with the Flow

We like combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), and Surfing to create a combined problem solving and flow state model for kids. For example, expose the kids to STEAM like activities, including making robotics or other light wave centered inventions, and then go surfing followed by another problem solving session to see if stoke from activity helped them be creative.

A typical field trip day looks like this.


We think creating flow at the Drop In Coalition shows kids another angle on problem solving, and that Tushar would approve of this approach.

Contact:  If you want to be added to our list of partners and participate in our workshops, please contact Ben Rewis.
Location: For questions regarding our Pleasure Point location in Santa Cruz, CA, contact Ben Rewis.
Ages:  Our first group of kids are aged 11 to 13 – that will be a common age range. Sometimes a little older, but not much younger. Probably safe to say 10 to 17 from Jr. High to High School.
Registration: How will it work? Ben Rewis is aligning teams and partners now. Interested in a field trip for your group, contact us.
Our program covers 4 different resource pools cut across local to Santa Cruz non-profits, schools, SMEs (subject matter experts) who teach topics like math, marine biology, programming, etc), and surf instructors. With a one day per month target, we align kids, instructors, and nature (tides/wave forecast/etc) to support program objectives. 

Field Trip Logistics: Partner groups are responsible for getting to the Drop In location. We walk around the corner to stairs for surf access. If waves are too big there, then the partner will be responsible to get kids from the Point House down to Capitola pier, which is about 2 mile drive – where the waves are small even when big at Point house. 

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