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What We Do

We are a new one-day field trip service for children from underrepresented communities, on a mission to provide a unique experience of both surfing and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math).

We believe great things happen when young people develop a love of nature and science. Our goal is to empower kids to explore the joy of surfing and experience thrill of STEAM in a whole new way, in one day.

We believe that the time has come to provide access to surfing and STEAM in a fresh, fun, high-value way for kids of color and youth from underrepresented communities. And we believe that when people are having fun and exploring new activities and new domains they “forget” that they are learning.


Drop In Coalition is a new charitable organization co-founded by Ben Rewis and Nisha Atre Richardson, in memory of Tushar Atre (1969 – 2019), whose life was tragically cut short.  At the age of eleven, Tushar attended a wood-working camp.  That experience led to a lifetime love of design and building.  Tushar was also an avid mountain biker and surfer.  He was known to say, “I moved to Santa Cruz for the mountain biking but stayed for the surfing.”  Using our Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, location as a center for instruction and conversations, we aim to have kids experience nature’s flow as Tushar did.  Through surfing, STEAM instruction and conversations that bring diversity to the forefront, Drop In aims to empower kids of every ethnicity, gender and orientation.


Enable people to experience nature’s flow to STOKE their empowerment, self-confidence and growth.


Open and Inclusive: Keep our hearts and minds open to a different way that honors each individual’s STOKE.  Bring others, who have not, traditionally, been granted access to opportunities, into the fold.  Organizations and communities, at every level, are better with diverse perspectives.


Strive to work hard and be outstanding in honor of our brother, Tushar.


A level playing field for all, especially those who have been systematically underrepresented, to achieve their life goals through work, play, love and convening with nature.


Emphatically focus on bringing light and love into the world.  We will always strive to turn away from hate no matter the circumstances.  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Symbolism of the octopus

After Tushar was killed, his friends and family experienced several signs of Tushar’s spirit represented by an octopus.  Octopuses are intelligent, feeling and design oriented creatures.  Drop In Coalition’s octopus is thoughtful, multi-faceted, able and always curious: inspired by Tushar’s spirit.

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