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Participant Surveys

There are several reasons why we use surveys to measure impact.

We want to inspire feelings of accomplishment, feelings of happiness/joy, feelings of belonging, and feelings of competence, ideally empowering kids to be learners. We collect, report on, and use the post program survey data for retrospective program impact measures and continuous improvement.



This short (less than five minutes) survey is taken by each student prior to participating in one of our programs to help inform the Drop In team. Please help by telling us a little about you.

Please take the pre-program survey here.



The post-program survey is also very short, and is taken after your last session, as a way of letting us know how we did and about your experience in the program. Thank you for completing BOTH: both surveys are important to improving the program over time, so your participation is appreciated.

Please take the post-program survey here.



We are grateful to you for joining us on this journey and your survey input is really valuable, so we treat it as such. You will be awarded a Drop In certificate and small tokens of appreciation for completing these surveys after your final workshop.



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